by Lisa Lowell
Owailion wakes with no memory of his former life, but he has one unexpected gift.  He has become an apprentice to the dragons who will teach him magic.  They dragons are going into hibernation and need him to remain behind.  As his mentors begin to drift away, Owailion learns that one of the dragons has stolen the Rune Stones.  Perhaps they were left behind to tell him of the other humans he must find and bring to the Land.  Becoming all-powerful comes with a terrible price, and confronting a dragon turned theif is only the beginning .​​
Honiea is meant to be the next Wise One.  However, only when Vamilion sense her about to be hung for witchcraft, is he driven to do something. Reluctantly he rescuse her and then casts her adrift. Honiea will learn or she will die.  Entraped in a marriage she despises, Honiea struggles to master her new magic skills and then resolve the feud between her two peers who seem bent on destroying the Land.  Only she can stop a war, break the ley lines and keep Vamilion and Owailion from tearing the world in two.
​​After killing his father and evading his calling as a magician, Yeolani disappears deep into the forest.  However, magic and the fairies have other ideas.  He is granted limitless power and irreferently refuses to master it.  Unintended havoc and intervening fairies drive him to a better path.  Life Giver follows Yeolani on a journey laden with magical mishaps and encounters with capricious creatures.  Despite wielding a a monumental gift, Yeolani must make the impossible choice between a supernatural oath and an undeniable attraction.  Will he find the strength to embrace his unwanted future?