The Wise Ones Novels
by Lisa Lowell
Introducing Lisa Lowell and The Wise Ones
Lisa Lowell came from a house full of hands-on artists, in southern Oregon, but her art of choice was always writing.  She started with poetry at six and moved on to gloomy, angst-ridden fantasy during adolescence.  She felt compelled to draw illustrations throughout the margins that helped supplement her neglect of adjectives and consistent story lines.

Escaping Oregon she went to university, traveled the country and spent time in Sweden where she reconnected with her heritage.  She also fell in love and had her heart broken during those years.  Suddenly she had something to write about.  Every story written since harbors a romance and a tangled journey; a saga as it were.  She started tapping into Scandinavian myth and overcame fears of writing conflict.  Completing her degrees in Secondary Education and English as a Second Language, she continued to travel and read favorite authors; David Brin, Patricia McKillip and Anne McCaffrey.  She graduated with a teaching degree in 1993.

In 1994 she married Pat Lowell and began reworking her childhood manuscripts into credible stories.  When children arrived, she eased off writing actively, but kept all the ideas and honed her skill while teaching Middle School English.  Storytelling remained her true talent and made her a skillful teacher.  In 2011 she was named VFW Oregon Teacher of the Year.

In 2012, as her children moved on, she felt she could begin to write again.  She still lives in Oregon with her husband Pat and still loves writing tangled journeys.